Oohrahs is an online (retail coming soon) storefront catering to the adventurous and the cautious.

Personal preparedness pays off.  When you have the right gear you can afford to step outside of polite society’s artificial safety net.

A former Marine owns Oohrahs Retail.  Not just that, Dave is a professional firearms instructor and personal preparedness author.  He knows his business.

The gear found here meets his rigorous standards for quality and efficiency.  We strive to provide good deals.  Sometimes that means we are cheaper, sometimes it means we are better, but regardless our gear is great!

If you want less gear and more how-to you can always click over to Dave’s blog Tennessee Gun, where he reviews gear and provides lots of information useful for rugged individualists or soccer moms that want to feel a little more secure.

Alternatively, If you are interested in more food that guns, He and his wife run a site for their small homestead that you can always visit to look and pigs and goats.

If that’s not you, don’t worry, the feeling of security gained by being self-reliant and prepared for emergencies is addictive.

If you don’t see what you want, or if you want to just chat, feel free to contact us.

My Other Websites

Tennessee Gun

Tennessee Gun Logo RoundTennessee Gun is the main site in the DGW group of websites.  It is a DIY How-To, How-I-Did site full of information.  It is over 15 years old.

On this site we also have many reviews for firearm, farming, and general prepper gear.

DGW Homestead

DGW Homestead Logo DGW Homestead is my families small 22 Acre homestead in southern middle Tennessee just outside of Centerville.

This site focuses on our family farm activities as well as the occasional livestock sale of our personal animals.

Green Goat Grazing

Green Goat Grazing LogoGreen Goat Grazing is our upcoming goat rental business.  Right now my wife and I are experimenting with using goats, sheep, and heritage hogs along with portable electronet fencing to clear land.

This has been done in other areas as a sustainable Earth friendly way to clear land.

Also we intend to focus on small homestead supplies, most notably small milking machines.